What NonprofitSite123 Includes -- Other Features

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What NonprofitSite123 Includes -- Other Features

NonprofitSite123 clients have access to these additional features:

Service Description
Unlimited website maintenance privileges You may add, change, or delete pages, features, and content within your website – or upgrade your package – at any time, as often as needed.
Secure processing of all transactions You don’t need to purchase an SSL certificate, program, or maintain the security of your website – CharityFinders does it all for you.
Electronic Funds Transfer All funds received through your website are sent to you electronically and immediately (though it may take a few business days for the funds to clear).
Extensive administrative features You can sort, filter, report, import, export, e-mail, and much more with data on users who have performed transactions on your site. Even access extensive site usage statistics. Click here for more detail.
Free website hosting Hosting of your website, as well as the data storage and transmission related to it, are included, free.
24/7 support CharityFinders offers several ways for you to get help, most on a 24/7 basis.
Automatic backup service CharityFinders backs up your website and all data daily – with no effort required from you.
Site reliability CharityFinders employs advanced techniques to minimize the likelihood your site will be affected by hackers, spam, viruses, downtime, and more.
Cross-platform compatibility NonprofitSite123 enables you to create a site that is compatible with most browsers, operating systems, and platforms (e.g., Mac).
Banner Sales Your nonprofit may create its own banner or sell banner space on its website to corporations, individuals, or foundations to raise additional funds. Your own banner can be particularly effective for announcing events, recognizing achievements, or posting news.
Add Features To Your Existing Website While most NonprofitSite123 clients use the tool to replace their existing site, some opt to simply use NonprofitSite123 to create new pages that they add to their existing site.
Track Donor Demographics Track demographic information about your donors, volunteers, members, and others. This information can be invaluable in targeting future marketing and fundraising efforts, thereby increasing their effectiveness.
Ongoing NonprofitSite123 Enhancements CharityFinders serves as the lenses providing technological vision to your nonprofit. We are constantly researching and developing new ways for you to use the Internet strategically, and incorporating them into NonprofitSite123, usually at no additional cost to you.
Clients-only Intranet Access a password protected intranet site for our clients only.  It contains a wealth of help for you, including:
  • Tutorials -- which walk you through each aspect of NonprofitSite123, step by step
  • Client training webinars
  • User manual
  • Helpful Hints
  • Online merchant account options
  • Much more
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