Professional Services

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CharityFinders offers the following professional services:


Data Conversion

Convert existing data on donors, volunteers, members or others to NonprofitSite123’s database

Video of the President

Film and edit a digital video (up to 60 seconds of runtime after editing) of your Executive Director/president for inclusion in your website

Staff Photographs

Produce and edit digital photographs of your nonprofit’s staff for inclusion in your website

Photography Package

Video of the president and staff photographs

Other Consulting Services

·        Website content development

·        Technology recommendations

·        Online marketing campaign development, including:

o       Recommended marketing strategies and techniques

o       Assistance in converting (or supplementing) existing U.S. mail campaigns to e-mail

o       Target demographics

o       Database(s) of targets

o       Developing fundraising/marketing e-mails, publicity, reports, and other materials

o       Tracking and reporting results

·        Online fundraising campaign development

·        Custom Publishing – complete, end to end, e-mail newsletter and urgent action alert solutions

·        List development and management

·        Website analysis

·        Comparison with other nonprofits

·        Attracting, Developing, Recognizing and Maintaining Donors

·        And more

Custom Development

Custom Web Development

Don’t find the website features you need in NonprofitSite123? We’ll build them for you – quickly, cost-effectively, and integrated with the rest of your website; services include:

·        Custom web pages/features

·        Custom reports

·        Interfaces with other applications


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