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NonprofitSite123 Reference Sites

Feel free to look at a few of our clients’ sites (we have a 3-digit number of clients in the majority of US states and several other countries):

 Thumbnail Website address Some things to look for
 Ref-CampFire-Today Web Site Thumbnail
  • Nationwide Nonprofit Organization
  • E-store
  • One of our hospital sites
  • A disability support organization

  •  E-store
  • Simple, clean looking site -- but very effective
Amplify Youth Development
  •  Live RSS link from their WordPress blog on the Home Page
  • For-profit site

  • Calendar

Cedar House
  • A very popular style layout for many of our clients
  • Our site!
  • Avatar
  • Flash animation
  • Video
  • Dynamic menu
  • Click for live assistance
  • A beautiful web site
  • Attractive, well thought out and designed site
  • Colorful, well-structured site
  • Flash animation
  • Cool photo gallery

  • Lots of success stories.
  • E-store
  • Spanish translation
  • Multiple look & feels within this one site
  • Attractive donate cash page
  • Hospice Organization

  •  Designed to effectively utilize liquid layout technology
  • Custom built Javascript Menu

  •  Grant funding foundation
  • We use Mad Marketeer for many of our website designs; for a sample of their work and ours, go to
  • Check out the video on the left side of the home page
  • A family support organization

  • One of our medical clients 

Nevada Wildfest
  • One of our major event clients
  • Use custom programing for special graphics features
  • SIDS Organization
  • Barack Obama campaign site – in progress
  • They asked for a unique design without red, white, or blue
  • Theatre tickets sales
  • Calendar
  • Incorporates other web sites seamlessly
  • For-profit site
  • Flash animation
  • Secure forms
  • A sexual assault organization
  • Community Services Organization
  • Affiliate marketing (click on button on right side of home page)

  •  Large, colorful, clean design.
  • An award winning site!
  • A website sponsored by two organizations

  •  Lots of image maps on this one
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Some points to notice about these sites:

  • You will notice a significant difference among the look & feels of each of these sites.
  • The point is that NonprofitSite123 can enable you to create virtually whatever look & feel you want for your site or specific pages – if a graphic designer can design it, we can likely implement it within NonprofitSite123.

Feel free to call our graphic design partner:  Katharine Coles, CEO of Mad Marketeer ( in Los Angeles at 310-947-8511 for any of the following:

  • A reference on her site (she is a client) 
  • A reference on many of our clients -- she has worked with a large number of our nonprofit and for-profit clients on their websites and marketing, and can speak about their experiences with NonprofitSite123 and CharityFinders
  • Help with marketing, including (but not limited to):
    • Website design
    • E-newsletter design
    • Branding/rebranding
    • Logo
    • Graphic design
    • Marketing strategy
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM)

You can see a sample of her work (and ours) at:

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