About CharityFinders

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CharityFinders’ Mission:

Every nonprofit should have a website that actually furthers its mission - not just describes it.

Now your nonprofit can build a website as powerful as its mission.


CharityFinders is proud to introduce NonprofitSite123.

Now there’s a low-cost, easy-to-use tool that enables your nonprofit to build a world-class website in just hours, without training or technical skills. NonprofitSite123 guides you through a quick, easy process to create a website loaded with features that help further your mission, not just describe it.

NonprofitSite123 is an innovative tool designed to help you engage everyone who comes to your site, including donors, prospective donors, members, volunteers, employees, and other constituents.

NonprofitSite123 can help you communicate effectively with your audiences, raise funds, lower fundraising costs, attract non-cash donations, recruit needed volunteers and employees, make administration more efficient, and build a greater sense of community among constituents.

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Professional Services

CharityFinders can help you make most effective use of the web through a variety of professional services:
  • Workshops - We’ll help you develop an Internet strategy, website content, online fundraising and marketing strategies, fundraising campaigns, and more.
  • Consulting - Nonprofit consulting tailored to your organization.
  • Custom Web Development - Don’t find the website features you need in NonprofitSite123? We’ll build them for you - quickly, cost-effectively, and integrated with the rest of your website.

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