Recent Enhancements

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What's New

CharityFinders is constantly adding new enhancements, many that were specifically requested by our clients.  Recent enhancements include:

# Enhancement Description
1. Discussion Forums Enable users to post topics, replies, replies to replies, and to view others' discussions.
2. Blogs Create and maintain blogs, even invite others to add their comments.
3. Bulletin boards Create and display directories -- of members, partners, and much more.
4. Batch image upload Upload images in batches, instead of one at a time.
5. Secure non-financial transactions Create secure non-financial transactions -- for example, to process forms that contain SSN or other sensitive info.
6. Outbound e-mails Create your own customized e-mails to send automatically to users who complete a specific transaction, or manually to whomever you want in your database.  Personalize these e-mails (e.g., "Dear George" instead of "Dear Friend").  Include attachments.
7. Event calendar Automatically create and maintain event calendars - either compact or full size.
8. Omit pages from site map Now you can create private pages or sections of your site that do not appear in your site map.
9. New merchant account providers CharityFinders now partners with a select group of online merchant account providers.  We've negotiated great rates and terms for you, as well as excellent service and an easy application process.
10. Enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. NonprofitSite123 now offers several ways for you to maximize the likelihood your site will be found easily by search engine visitors.


Enhanced "look & feel" flexibility Create your own look & feel theme, with enormous flexibility.


Customizable, multi-level menus Create your own hierarchical menu structure. Display it horizontally, vertically, in “explorer” format (where users can expand or contract menus and sub-menus), or create your own graphical menu buttons.
13. Customizable text styles Create styles that specify font, style, color, size, and much more. Then, for each section of text on your site, specify which style to use. Any changes you make to a style are instantly reflected anywhere that style is used throughout your site.
14. BOBBY or W3C compliance (i.e., accessibility for the disabled) Make your site accessible for the disabled (e.g., visually impaired, etc.). This includes large font size, significant contrast between foreground and background color, tags (for all graphics, photos, buttons, and menus), navigation by mouse OR keyboard, labels for all form fields, etc. Please note: you have control over whether or not your site is BOBBY or W3C compliant.
15. Complete compatibility across browsers, Mac vs. PC, etc. You and your users can use Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, MacIntosh, etc.
16. Advanced payment processing security All your financial transactions are secured by the latest Visa/Mastercard industry protocols (called CISP). This gives both you and your users the confidence that your data and theirs are treated with the most advanced protection and security.
17. Liquid design technology Your site dynamically “morphs” to fit the size of the user’s window – AS they are resizing it. This state-of-the-art technology virtually puts an end to horizontal scrolling, and ensures that the user sees the most information, properly formatted, regardless of his monitor sizes, window size, or screen resolution.
18. E-store

Sell items related to your mission (e.g., books, videos, CDs, etc.), promotional items containing your logo, in-kind donations you won’t use, etc. Create a sophisticated e-store containing whatever items grouped in whatever categories you wish.

Your e-store can include:

  • Inventory tracking (i.e., V2 automatically removes an item from your e-store when the last of it is sold)
  • Thumbnail and full-size images
  • Sales tax
  • Shipping cost
  • Full shopping cart functionality
  • Specify different colors or sizes
  • Unique look & feel for you e-store
  • Featured items
  • And much more
19. E-advocacy Enable your users to send a letter to their elected representatives on issues of importance to you. You compose the letter – the user sends it as-is or can modify it.
20. E-petitions Enable your users to sign e-petitions. You decide whether to transmit the petition signatures to the appropriate recipient one-at-a-time vs. all-at-once, and electronically vs. on paper.
21. Photo album Include as many images as you want on specific pages or globally (i.e., across every page of your site). You specify the image, size, caption, whether or not it is clickable (and where it links to), borders, alignment, and more.
22. Enhanced event processing

Sell tickets to fundraising and other types of events. Include:

  • Graphical calendar representation of events (vs. list format)
  • Ability to display events by location, topic, date, cost, etc.
  • Event-specific information captured from EACH attendee or group
  • Images for every event
  • Map from the attendee's home to the event
  • Precise date/time when the event will be posted to and removed from your site
  • And more
23. Intranet (i.e., password-protected portion of your website) Create sections of your site that are only accessible by your board, members, staff, etc. You provide a password to only those users who should have access to each page or section.
24. Foreign languages Create a mirror-image site in another language (e.g., Spanish). (*additional fee may apply)
25. Data entry forms Custom-create your own forms for users to complete online. Any form you currently ask people to complete on paper can now be completed online. You decide on the fields, format, default values, required vs. optional, help text, and more. Even accept payment along with the form.

Examples include volunteer application form, event sponsorship form, grant application, etc.
26. Display list pages in any order You can display lists or tables in whatever order you choose.
27. Customizable confirmation e-mails For each transaction your site offers, you have the option of sending the user and/or your staff a confirmation e-mail. You specify the e-mail’s recipient(s), subject, text, and even attachments.
28. Build-your-own customizable pages Create whatever informational OR transactional pages you want, including the ability to accept money for any transaction.
29. Incorporate multi-media Offer your users still pictures, graphics, animated graphics, audio, or video – to help get your message across more effectively.
30. Attach any kind of file Offer your users the ability to view, print, or download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Abode Acrobat, and virtually any other type of file.
31. Powerful reporting You and your donors have access to a wide array of canned and ad hoc (i.e., customizable) reports.
32. Import/export capability Import or export virtually any data between your website and most other applications (e.g., donor management systems, Excel, Access, Exceed, etc.).
33. Choice of merchant account providers We have pre-programmed integration with several providers of online merchant accounts. On your behalf, we’ve negotiated excellent rates and service terms, and made the application process as easy as possible. In some cases, we may be able to accommodate your existing off-line merchant account.

Note: You must have an online merchant account from an approved provider in order to accept money through your site.
34. Your URL appears in the user’s address bar When your user types or links to, that is the address they’ll see in the address bar of their browser – not a redirected address.
35. Multiple NonprofitSite123 users Create multiple NonprofitSite123 users each with their own, customizable maintenance privileges.
36. E-mail boxes – using your domain name Through our partner, we can provide you with inexpensive e-mail addresses using your domain name (e.g., (*additional fee may apply)
37. Advanced spam-avoiding technology for outbound e-mails You can send e-mails, e-newsletter, and urgent action alerts to one person, everyone in your database, or any subset – as long as you can define it. V2 uses technology to maximize the likelihood your e-mails will be delivered – not rejected as spam. Of course, there are many factors beyond the control of V2 that influence whether or not an e-mail is actually received.
38. Publish and un-publish specific pages You can take a page off of your site, modify it, get others to review and approve it, and then repost it to your site.
39. User login not required Users can execute almost any transaction whether or not they are logged in. Since it benefits both them and you for them to create and use their own account, you can easily encourage users to do so.
40. Enhanced search engine recognition Your site and its contents will be more easily recognized by Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. Specify description and keyword metatags for your site, or for each page. V2 automatically creates a robots.txt file which provides important site information to the search engines.
41. Extensive site usage stats Access an array of useful information on your site visitors and their activity.
42. Edit your HTML If you are so inclined, you may edit the HTML behind your site – either directly, or by using your favorite tool (e.g., DreamWeaver, etc.)
43. Personalized calendar Each of your users can access their own personal calendar, showing the events, volunteer positions, and other date-specific things they have signed up for.
44. Access pre-defined text and functionality CharityFinders has developed boilerplate content for you to easily incorporate in your site (e.g., planned giving descriptions and examples).
45. Share best practices Share the content and functionality you’ve created with other nonprofits you think could use it. Access content and functionality created by others. This is particularly useful for local affiliates of national organizations.
46. Site search Enable users to easily search the contents of your site.
47. Scheduled updates Designate whether changes you make to your site should be effective immediately or at a future date/time you specify. You can specify the exact date and time when information or transactions will be posted to your site and removed from your site.
  And much more!  
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