Guiding Principles

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CharityFinders is guided by the following principles:
  1. Help nonprofits apply sound management principles to their organizations. CharityFinders helps nonprofits to use sound professional practices and management strategies. For example, CharityFinders’ NonprofitSite123 and consulting services facilitate the development of specific, measurable, attainable objectives for the organization as a whole, specific projects, and individual employees and volunteers.
  2. Help as many people as possible. CharityFinders tries to assist not just one person at a time, but many - not just one nonprofit at a time, but many. We do this by helping to:
    • Lower the cost of giving (for donors) and fundraising (for nonprofits).
    • Provide instant access to information needed for donation decisions, resulting in better-informed donors and nonprofits.
    • More efficiently allocate scarce charitable resources among unlimited requirements.
    • Providing donors and volunteers with easy access to nonprofits that meet their criteria, not just the ones that they or their friends are familiar with, or are in their community, or happen to reach them through marketing efforts.
    • Enabling creative ways of giving - like, recurring donations, donations targeted to a specific program or service, etc.
  3. Add value to stakeholders.
    • Nonprofits
      • Raise more money
      • Lower fundraising costs
      • Track donor demographics
      • Target future fundraising efforts
      • Meet specific non-monetary needs (e.g., equipment, software, hardware, volunteer time, etc.)
      • Enhance communications with constituents of all types
    • Donors/volunteers
      • Increase confidence in nonprofits’ professionalism, goals, and performance
      • Lower donation cost and time
      • Provide easy access to nonprofits, searchable by user-specified criteria
      • Receive ongoing information to make better philanthropy decisions
  4. Help people to help themselves. "Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he’ll eat for life." Like the philanthropist who helps solve hunger problems not by giving out food, but by helping people to grow or acquire their own food, CharityFinders believes in helping others to help themselves. In this case, CharityFinders aims to help nonprofits to help themselves, and to better help those they serve. CharityFinders helps nonprofits to help themselves (and therefore help others) by raising funds, attracting human and other resources, and lowering costs. CharityFinders believes that technology in general, and the Internet in particular, show great promise in promoting this philosophy. Therefore, nonprofits who invest in websites, e-mail, electronic payments, web-based applications, and other on-line services will be rewarded by their use of CharityFinders’ NonprofitSite123 tool and related services, because they will have access to greater fundraising at a lower cost while learning more about their donors.
  5. Adhere to industry privacy and security policies. No information will be shared or sold without permission.
  6. Arms-length objectivity. CharityFinders operates as a neutral third-party, independent of any specific nonprofit, or political, philosophical, or religious emphasis. All nonprofits are treated equally.
  7. Simplicity, backed by power. All NonprofitSite123 website features are user-friendly, so someone with no training can perform all functions the first time -- quickly. Also, more powerful features are available at the user’s option.
  8. Accessibility. CharityFinders' clients needing customer support can get personalized help online or by phone 24/7.
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