Free Internet Quotient (IQ) Report

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Internet Quotient (IQ) Report:  A FREE, valuable analysis of what your nonprofit’s website is doing and should be doing to further your mission

CharityFinders would like to offer your nonprofit a free Internet Quotient (IQ) report. The IQ report is an objective analysis of your nonprofit’s website, along with findings and recommendations based on best e-philanthropy practices. This report examines what your website includes and what it should include. It contains numerous recommendations that you can likely implement easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

Your IQ report will include findings and recommendations on these key areas (and more):

√ On-line donations (and other fundraising-related e-philanthropy features)
√ Volunteering (and other non-fundraising e-philanthropy features)
√ Brochure-ware features (informational content)
√ Administrative features
√ Search engine recognition of your site
√ Security
√ Images and multimedia
√ Links (to and from other sites)
√ Branding
√ Ease of navigation

You’ll be given an IQ score for each area, along with an overall score.  A simple key tells you what this means for your organization. The objective is to help you understand how to use the Internet more strategically to further your mission. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss the report’s findings and recommendations with, and ask questions of an e-philanthropy expert.

To receive your free Internet Quotient report complete the following information.  Your IQ report will be e-mailed to you, usually within two business days.
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