Value Proposition

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flowersNonprofitSite123 offers a compelling value proposition to your nonprofit.  Here are some tangible and intangible benefits you may attain:

Set up and maintain an industry-leading website quickly
Raise more funds
Lower fundraising costs
Offer the most powerful online features, all to help you better accomplish your mission
Increase the effectiveness of marketing and fundraising efforts
Attract more volunteers
Recruit qualified employees, management, and board members online
Improve your ability to effectively manage your nonprofit
Incorporate power and flexibility into your website
Gain better access to donors and volunteers

Value Proposition


Set up and maintain an industry-leading website quickly


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A website generated by NonprofitSite123 can give even small nonprofits a web presence more powerful than many of the largest nonprofits.


Depending upon the package selected and the number of features implemented, setting up your website typically takes days, or even hours.  This excludes the time required to develop your content – both text and images.  Many nonprofits have much of this information already available.

No training required

No training is required to use NonprofitSite123.  If you can use a typical website, you can use NonprofitSite123.

No hardware or software required (except an Internet connection)

Even a nonprofit with no computers whatsoever can use NonprofitSite123 – even through a personal Internet account accessed from home.

Cost effective

NonprofitSite123 packages are priced competitively, and are affordable for even the smallest nonprofits.  Click here for more pricing information.

Incorporate your nonprofit’s look & feel

Your website, created using NonprofitSite123, will differ from any other nonprofit’s website in many ways, including:

  • “Look and feel” – your site can have whatever look & feel you'd like. If a graphic designer can create it, it's likely it can be incorporated into your site, using NonprofitSite123
  • Style sheets – globally control look and feel elements such as foreground and background colors, fonts, font sizes, styles, and much more
  • Menu structure – create your own, even with dynamic pull-downs
  • Website pages - with whatever content you wish
  • Text content – incorporate your own text; if you can use MS-Word, you'll find NonprofitSite123 as easy to use in formatting your content exactly the way you want
  • Images – incorporate photos, graphics, animated images, audio, and video
  • Attached files - include Word, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, PowerPoint, and other types of files for your users to view, print, or download
  • Global vs. page-specific content – a good example of a global image is your logo which you can place in the upper left corner of every page

Easily maintain website, 24x7, at no extra cost

Maintain your own website any time, for free, as often as needed – without reliance on programmers.

Add features to your existing website

You can easily add buttons (provided by CharityFinders) to your existing website to link to new, powerful e-philanthropy pages you create using NonprofitSite123.

Raise more funds

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Your new website can increase the number of potential donors who consider donating to your nonprofit, the number who actually contribute, and the amount of the average donation.

Broaden fundraising options

Your e-philanthropy website enables you to increase the breadth of your fundraising options, including online:

  • Cash donations
  • In-kind donations
  • Planned gifts
  • Investment donations
  • E-store
  • Membership dues
  • Event registrations
  • “Thons”
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Banner sales
  • etc.

Ease the donation process

Donors are more likely to give if it is as easy as a couple of mouse clicks and entering a credit card number or e-check.  If the donor is logged in, the system remembers all of their data – including credit card or e-check info.  So the donor can make their donation in just seconds, with minimal data entry.


What’s more, none of your time is required.  The system automatically sends confirmation e-mails/tax receipts to the donor and your nonprofit, updates reports, asks for the donor’s feedback (which you can post on your site), and of course, transfers the funds directly into your bank account.

Develop long term relationships with donors

NonprofitSite123 provides various methods of keeping in touch with donors and others, soliciting their feedback, keeping them informed and involved, and maintaining an active relationship with them.

Increase repeat donations

By tracking who has donated in the past, and launching targeted marketing campaigns to entice them to donate again, you can build a base of loyal donors.  NonprofitSite123 offers many ways of building a long-term relationship with donors and volunteers.

Sell banner space to corporations, individuals, or foundations to raise additional funds

You may set your own price in selling banner space on your website as a source of additional funds.  Alternatively, you may provide a banner for free to donors who give specified amounts.

Pursue more fundraising initiatives within existing budget

Because NonprofitSite123 can help significantly lower fundraising costs (see below), you can raise more funds with the same fundraising dollars.

Lower fundraising costs


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Raising money through your new e-philanthropy site can cost significantly less than raising money off-line.  According to Charitex, a typical nonprofit spends 34% of funds raised on administrative costs.  Even if your overhead is much less than that, NonprofitSite123 can help you make it even lower.

Cut or eliminate postage costs

Instead of using U.S. mail (or even more expensive delivery services), you can send most information, solicitations, event invitations, and even greeting cards via e-mail - for free.

Cut or eliminate printing costs

Since so much of your correspondence and marketing literature may now be published online or e-mailed, printing costs can be drastically reduced.

Minimize IT staff and infrastructure costs

By using NonprofitSite123 to create and maintain your website, your need for IT staff to develop, maintain, and support your site is eliminated.  No hardware, software, or network is required beyond a simple Internet connection.

Reduce web hosting costs

Many nonprofits spend $10-100 per month or more in hosting fees.  Since NonprofitSite123 includes hosting, these fees may be cut to zero.

Save staff time

Many of the huge labor requirements of traditional fundraising techniques are cut or eliminated by using NonprofitSite123.  Here are some areas of potential savings:

  • Answering phone calls requesting information on events, planned giving, fundraisers, etc.
  • Processing outgoing and incoming mail
  • Entering data
  • Registering/renewing members
  • Registering event attendees
  • Administrating fundraisers
  • Processing deposits

Offer the most powerful online features, all to help you better accomplish your mission


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NonprofitSite123 brings true e-philanthropy to your nonprofit.  Most nonprofits’ websites have no actual interactivity with the user, or at best offer simple online cash donations (often by sending the user to a 3rd party site).  NonprofitSite123 enables you to offer powerful e-philanthropy transactions to your users.  These features are mutually beneficial to you and your website visitors alike, and can have a significant impact on your twin bottom lines – your financial performance and your ability to benefit those your nonprofit was created to help.

Offer true on-line donations

All aspects of donations are processed online within your site -- not on a third-party site -- including receipts for tax purposes.  Of course, paper receipts can be printed as well.

Attract in-kind donations

You can meet your specific non-monetary needs (e.g., office furniture, equipment, computer software and hardware, etc.).  You can post an online request for in-kind items you need, or accept an online offer posted by a donor.

Administer “thons” online

You can set up, online, all aspects of thons such as walkathons, bike-a-thons, etc.  This includes:

  • Information about the thon
  • Registering participants online
  • Sponsoring participants online

Administer events online

Online registration and payment for events and conferences.

Administer membership online

You may set up your membership structure (e.g., 1 year, 2 years, lifetime, etc.) and membership types (e.g., individual, family, child, student, senior, etc.).  Users may register for membership, pay membership dues, and renew their membership.

Manage lists of donors and their e-mail addresses

(including import/export to other applications)

Develop and manage lists of your donors, volunteers, members, and others.  These lists can then be used for fundraising, and marketing efforts.  List data may be imported and exported between your website and other applications.

Have donors and volunteers refer their friends

Expand your fundraising efforts by enlisting the support of your existing donors and volunteers – even members, employees, and mailing list recipients – to refer your nonprofit to their friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.

Offer e-cards

One way to drive traffic to your new site is to offer a free, compelling service – like e-cards, even featuring your artwork.  You can allow the sender to attach a donation, event invitation, and more.

Offer an e-store

Expand fundraising opportunities through an e-store.  Items may be offered for sale in the following ways:

  • Donors may offer items for sale.  The donor specifies the sales price, shipping cost, and description (with your approval, of course).
  • You may offer promotional items for sale (e.g., t-shirts or coffee mugs with your logo) or items from your gift shop or thrift shop.
  • You can solicit items for sale from local businesses and residents

Highlight endorsements and awards you’ve received

You can list organizational endorsements, celebrity endorsements, and awards.

Increase the effectiveness of marketing and fundraising efforts


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You have more available fundraising and marketing alternatives online, can implement them more easily, track their effectiveness, and make changes during the campaign.  You can even experiment with different variables – for example, 2 different solicitation e-mails could be sent out to sets of potential donors (at no additional cost), and you can track which one proves more effective in attracting donations.  Also, CharityFinders can suggest marketing techniques and target demographics.

Track donor demographics – use demographic information to enhance marketing/fundraising

NonprofitSite123 provides on-line access to demographic details about each user, including:

o       Geography

o       Sex

o       Age

o       Marital status

o       How you heard about us

o       Household income

o       Annual charitable donations

Users can access their own Philanthropy Portfolio, including a history of all their online transactions.

Attract more volunteers


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Access a larger pool of potential volunteers, make it easier to find and sign up for volunteer opportunities, and ease the process of getting prior volunteers to sign up again.

Recruit qualified employees, management, and board members online


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Post job openings on your site, and offer online recruiting and submission of resumes and cover letters.

Improve your ability to effectively manage your nonprofit


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NonprofitSite123 enables you to more easily implement sound management practices to complement your existing efforts.

Develop or enhance Internet strategy

CharityFinders’ workshops and consulting services can help you develop an effective, robust Internet strategy to further your mission and enhance fundraising efforts.

Provide enhanced information to all constituents

NonprofitSite123’s online reporting provides valuable information to:

  • Donors
  • Volunteers
  • Board of directors
  • Management
  • Staff

Offer e-mailboxes to all staff and board members

NonprofitSite123 includes an option for you to set up e-mail accounts using your domain name (e.g.,

Access expert consulting assistance as needed

CharityFinders consultants can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your new website, including integration with:

  • Other software applications
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Marketing efforts
  • Cost-reduction measures
  • Business procedures

Access suggested marketing strategies, target demographics, campaign-specific materials

In addition to providing you with a state-of-the-art website, CharityFinders offers assistance in using that website most effectively for marketing and fundraising efforts.

Stay on top of technological innovations, easily implementing those that are beneficial

CharityFinders constantly researches and develops technological innovations that may be of value to you.  CharityFinders implements those that are particularly promising, and are cost-justified.  This eliminates the need for you to devote costly and highly trained resources to keep up with new technology developments.

Gain access to valuable feedback from donors and volunteers

Donors, volunteers, and other users can rate your nonprofit and provide comments.  They can also contact other users who have experience with your nonprofit.  Finally, you may allow users to connect with each other in a variety of ways.  You can view feedback, and post it on your site for others to see.

Survey your website visitors with public opinion polls

Post a public opinion poll on your home page.  Website visitors can easily vote and view current results.  You can change your poll as often as you want, to gain greater insight into your users’ opinions on issues of importance to you.

Access valuable, online reports on website traffic, transactions processed, and more

You have instant access to online reports on the number of inquiries to your site, and number and dollar volume of different types of transactions processed.

Help optimize your search engine placement

You can do a variety of things to improve your standing on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.  For example, you can easily create description and keyword “metatags”.

Access 24-hour technical support for your website

24/7 NonprofitSite123 technical support is available via the web, e-mail, or phone.

Receive automatic backup service

CharityFinders backs up your website and all data daily – with no effort required from you.

Ease the cash receipt process through electronic funds transfer

Rather than dealing with receipt of cash, personal checks, money orders, or credit card transactions, all the funds you receive online are deposited directly into your bank account.

Incorporate power and flexibility into your website


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NonprofitSite123 uses the latest technology to keep things simple for the user.  Your website will be easy to access, simple to use, customizable to your needs, and more powerful than almost any nonprofit website today.

Use your existing domain name

Use one or more domain names.  Your address will appear in the browser’s address bar.

Ensure the security and privacy of your website

Your website will benefit from the latest techniques ensuring security and privacy, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Cardholder Internet Security Protocol (CISP - required by Visa and Mastercard), VeriSign, and a firewall.  CharityFinders and all of our clients adhere to a strict privacy and security policy.

Incorporate graphics, audio, and video

You can include graphics, audio, and video files and specify how they are to be used in our website.  Deliver information in more powerful, compelling ways.

Offer a user friendly and feature-rich website

Advanced, ergonomic user design features enable use of powerful features with no training and minimum data entry.

Gain better access to donors and volunteers


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Your new e-philanthropy website gives your nonprofit previously unattainable access to current and prospective donors, volunteers, members, and others – instantly and globally.

Enable free, global access to donors (even if you are a local nonprofit)

New nonprofits, or those without access to much publicity, especially outside their local community, will now have access to the global philanthropy community.  Donors and even volunteers (where appropriate) can come from anywhere, and publicity and marketing efforts can range far beyond the local community.

Offer 24/7 access to your nonprofit

Some donors and volunteers may wish to process transactions with your nonprofit at night or on weekends.  Through your new site, they can perform any transaction any time – not just during your business hours.

Enable users to access your nonprofit through an extensive set of search criteria

NonprofitSite123 offers an advanced nonprofit search capability.  Users can choose between a quick search or advanced search.  For example, a donor could search for a nonprofit dealing with homelessness that has an administrative overhead rate under 25%, and is located within 20 miles of his zip code.

Reach donors more easily when they move

Tracking down donors and volunteers by phone or mail after they move can be a frustrating, expensive, and ineffective process.  By using their e-mail addresses, NonprofitSite123 can help you to keep in touch more easily.

Give donors one place to track all their e-philanthropy activity

NonprofitSite123 offers donors and volunteers a “philanthropy portfolio” with information on their e-philanthropy activities – including their donations, volunteer signups, events attended, and more.

Offer subscriptions to ongoing information

Users can sign up to receive:

·        E-mail list

·        E-newsletters

·        Urgent Action Alerts

Level the playing field relative to larger nonprofits

Using traditional web development techniques, only the largest nonprofits could even think about building a website with just a fraction of the functionality of the one you can build using NonprofitSite123.  To a web user, your nonprofit will look as sophisticated as the largest nonprofits – perhaps even more so.

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