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Recent accomplishments of CharityFinders include:
  1. Double-digit growth rate – per month!
  2. Client list includes marquis names such as United Way, Head Start, Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity, I Have A Dream Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House.
  3. Our CEO, Allan Pressel, was named one of the world's leading e-philanthropy experts by the ePhilanthropy Foundation.
  4. Allan was also was given the Volunteer Service Award by President George W. Bush.
  5. Clients cover numerous states, range from about $0 to $55M in annual revenue, 2 months to 72 years in operation, and cover numerous nonprofit sectors (e.g., education, health, religion, environment, human services, etc.).
  6. Over 3/4 of clients sign up for our gold (i.e., top-level) NonprofitSite123 plan.
  7. NonprofitSite123 is considered by many nonprofits and consultants to be the best e-philanthropy tool in the industry.
  8. CharityFinders has released its long-awaited “V2” version of NonprofitSite123 – a complete re-write using the latest technology and incorporating over 100 useful enhancements – including much greater “look & feel” flexibility. Ask us about our V3 plans!
  9. CharityFinders speaks at dozens of nonprofit conferences and other speaking engagements throughout the U.S. each year.  CharityFinders has become an e-philanthropy “evangelist”, promoting strategic use of the Internet by nonprofits.
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