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Introducing PowerSite123

PowerSite123 enables you to quickly and easily create your own interactive, e-commerce website for your for-profit organization -- with features that have previously been too expensive for most businesses owners. Build a site that includes:

  • Customized look & feel – unique to your organization
    • On-line branding consistent with your off-line branding
    • Customized menu structure
    • Multimedia (e.g., pictures, graphics, animation, audio, video, etc.)
    • Your domain name appears in the browser’s address bar
  • Extensive information about your company
    • Company Information
    • Product Information (including videos)
    • Contact Us (including interactive map)
    • Success Stories/Testimonials
    • Resources and Links
    • Press and Media
    • Customer support
    • Future plans
    • Investor information
    • Product catalog
  • Interactive Transactions
    • E-store for products and services
    • Secure, online payments
    • Event ticket sales
    • Order forms for products and services
    • Job application
    • Information request form (for prospective customers to request product information)
    • Opinion polls
    • Live customer assistance
  • Comprehensive Features
    • Create and send e-Newsletters and correspondence
    • Extensive administration and reporting functions
    • Valuable site usage statistics (e.g, who visited your site, when, for how long, what did they do, etc.)
    • Password-protect portion of your website (intranet for employees only, etc.)
    • Direct marketing (email) campaigns

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