Reseller Services

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CharityFinders offers select organizations the opportunity to resell NonprofitSite123 to their clients.

Examples of reseller organizations include:

  • Website development firms
  • Individual website developers
  • Nonprofit consulting and marketing firms

An example of a reseller scenario is a web developer who used to develop websites by hand for nonprofit clients, but can now do so quickly and easily using NonprofitSite123.

Key advantages of being a CharityFinders reseller include:

  • Provide a compelling solution to your clients
  • Takes ~10% of the time required to custom build a website
  • Takes a fraction of the calendar time – you can build a website for your clients in as little as one day
  • Deliver a fully secure, highly functional e-philanthropy site – not just a brochure-ware site
  • Bundle your own services with NonprofitSite123
  • Higher profit margins
  • Happier clients
  • Better references
  • Excellent sales and technical support from CharityFinders
  • Minimal support required of you – since NonprofitSite123 is proven to work, and is easy for your clients to use.
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