Success Story - COEJLSC

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Success Story - Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life of Southern California (COEJLSC)

Case Study – Nonprofit Gets E-mail Addresses For 100% Of Their Members.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life of Southern California (COEJL-SC – instills a commitment to environmental protection rooted in Jewish values. COEJL achieved the ultimate in e-mail list signup – 100%!   They used 4 specific techniques to do this. First, they played the “help us save trees” card by promising to eliminate paper. Of course, they had an advantage, because they are an environmental charity. However, every nonprofit can use the same rationale, though perhaps with not quite as much success. Second, they successfully appealed to their members’ desire to lower administrative overhead costs by pointing out that e-mail would reduce postage, printing, and labor costs. Therefore, more of their membership dues and donation $ would go to the cause, and less to unnecessary overhead. Third, they provided easy, prominent e-mail list signup on their website.  Finally, COEJL told their members that in order to continue their relationship with COEJL, they had to provide their e-mail addresses. Luckily, everyone complied.  COEJL has also found out that e-mail and e-newsletters enable the member or donor to easily click to take action to support the organization. Plus, electronic communications can easily be forwarded to friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues – especially if COEJL simply asks members and donors to do so.
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