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According to alexa.com, these sites are ranked as follows:

1. Google
2. FaceBook
3. YouTube
13. Amazon

Here is the answer to our most recent poll:

Q: According to Harvard and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, by 2010, what % of donations will be made online?

A: Online donations comprised only 0.14% of all donations in 2001, but by 2010, the Chronicle of Philanthropy predicts they will rise to 33%!

“Make no mistake: The e-philanthropy revolution is here to stay, and it will transform charitable giving in as profound a way as technology is changing the commercial world. Charities that have dismissed e-philanthropy as a fad, or run from it in confusion, will, sooner or later, need to become reconciled to it. If they don’t, they risk losing touch with donors and imperiling the vitality of their work.”

Professor James Austin of Harvard’s Initiative on Social Enterprise, published in Chronicle of Philanthropy

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