Easy Fundraising Ideas

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Simple Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising does not have to be difficult. If you are looking for simple fundraising ideas that will meet your financial needs and not overburden you we suggest you talk to our friends at Easy Fundraising Ideas. They have the most complete fundraising website where you will find information on a wide selection of fundraisers including:

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Fundraising

Candy fundraising is the easiest possible fundraiser and Hershey’s Chocolate Bar fundraising products makes it even easier. You can choose from four different candy variety packs that offer the best known one dollar fundraising candy bars. Your candy will come in handled carriers that make them convenient to carry around or to use as counter top displays. The candy sells for a dollar and your group can makes profits in excess of 55% depending on how many cases are purchased.

Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Just about everyone loves freshly baked cookies. That’s what makes frozen cookie dough fundraisers so popular. You sell cookie dough from free brochures. The dough can be sold in either old fashioned tubs or in boxes of pre portioned cookies. Both come in a wide variety of popular flavors. You collect your money when pre selling and then place bulk cookie dough order when the sale is complete. There is no need for upfront cash to get started. Profits can exceed 50%.

Fundraising Discount Cards

if you are searching for the highest possible profits then you should consider one of the many fundraising discount card programs. You can design your own discount card and have offers included on it from local merchants. Pizzerias and sandwich shops love to sponsor fundraising cards since they get large increases in traffic and the advertising is essentially free. The minimum order requirements for discount cards are very small. Profits can exceed 90%.

If you would like more information you can call Easy Fundraising Ideas toll free (866) 874-8383.
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